Think Safe

DSC02012Think Safe

“Think Safe” is Railtrain Holdings Group’s (RHG) behavioural based safety program. RHG are committed to fostering and promoting a “Think Safe” culture guided by four key themes supporting the behaviour of everyone across the organisation.

Think Safe’s objective is to achieve our desired WHS outcomes and ultimately allow everyone to Think Safe + Work Safe = Home Safe.

The program reinforces RHG’s Think Safe culture. RHG places a high level of importance on our WHS beliefs, values, behaviours, and attitudes which RHG believe are shared by everyone in our business. The program provides a consistent set of behaviours and will be characterised as ‘the way we do things around here’.

The table below is a high-level overview of the themes and expected attributes for everyone:

ThemeEveryoneFront line leadersManagement
Risk ManagementIdentify hazardsEncourage risk and hazard awarenessChallenge to improve
ProceduresTo complyPositively reinforceSet high standards
CommunicationSpeak upEncourage the teamMaintain openness
EngagementBe engagedEngage with the teamBe supportive