What qualifications do I need to apply for a position as a train driver?

To apply for Train Driver (above rail) positions, you will need:

1. A current locomotive drivers ticket.
2. Ability to pass minimum of Cat 1 Railway Medical.
3. Be an Australian citizen or resident with permission to work in Australia.
4. Demonstrated freight driving competence with locomotive brake experience.
5. Experience in shunting and basic train examination competencies.
6. Commitment to safety.

How do I get a job as a Track Labourer or a Track machine Operator (Below Rail)?

Track Labourers/Track Machine Operators – (Below Rail) – On many projects, clients regularly take on a percentage of green employees. The attributes they look for in an employee are being able to work in remote locations, being physically fit and having a strong safety culture.  Railtrain through its RTO has the ability to deliver skills training for rail labourers aligned to National Standards to give them basic skills for the rail industry


What qualifications do I need to apply for a Track Labourers position listed on Railtrains website?

To apply for any Track Maintenance positions, you’ll need to have:

1. A current Medical covering the type of rail employment you are seeking.
2. Be able to work as part of a team or unsupervised if required.
3. Be the holder of a current Rail Accreditation Certificate.

What are the long term prospects for me with Railtrain?

Railtrain has formed strong relationships within the rail industry. We constantly have a large forward order book of work on major projects within the state. We are always looking for experienced rail employees on long term projects. Working for Railtrain gives employees the flexibility and ability to work for multiple major clients offering various roles.

How do I apply for positions advertised on Railtrain’s website?

1. Railtrain now has an online application form. You will need to complete this form in full, attach your latest resume with relevant experience

2. Alternately, you can print the application form fill out and fax or mail back to the address specified on the application.


Where is Railtrain located?

Railtrain's head office is located at 1/58 Tarlton Crescent, Perth Airport WA 6106

We have offices throughout Australia, please view our Contact Us page for more information.

Does Railtrain provide Safeworking Rail Training?

Railtrain has been approved by the Rail Authority to deliver accreditation training to allow all clients and employees to access/work on the rail reserve.

Railtrain has the ability to deliver Nationally Recognised Accredited Rail Training aligning to the National Standards.

How do I become a train driver?

Train Drivers/Train Examiners/Shunters (Above Rail) – to become a train driver you will need to go through a trainee program that will last a minimum of 18 months. Rail Operators such as ARG, Pacific National, BHPB and Rio Tinto offer these opportunities at different times. The preference is to always engage local candidates for these positions. Another avenue is to gain some skills as a Train Examiner or Shunter as these are some of the competencies required to become a train driver. Railtrain regularly seeks expressions of interest from employees wanting to gain entrance as Shunters or Train Examiners.

Rio Tinto Safeworking Training FAQ

What payment methods do you take?

Courses can be paid via a credit card (Visa or Master Card) or by becoming an authorised Customer and supplying a valid purchase order number.

How can I become an authorised Customer to pay via purchase order?

Only those companies who have completed the credit check will be eligible to pay via purchase order.  Applications for the authorised Customer can be made by contacting the Railtrain finance team on NTSFinance@railtrain.com.au

Can I make group bookings?

Yes, group bookings can be made for up to 20 participants against an individual course date, depending on the number of places still available for each course

To make a group booking, navigate to the preferred course and select the group booking icon.  You will then be prompted to complete the information for each participant and enter a valid payment method.

What prerequisites do I need?

In accordance with Rio Tinto guidelines, you will need to have an active SAP number in order to book into a course.  Details on SAP numbers can be obtained by contacting Rio Tinto.

Prior to the day of the course, you will also need to ensure that you have the appropriate pre-requisites for us to issue you the card

  • Rio Tinto Rail Medical (Category 1 or 3) signed off by the CMO of Rio Tinto.Category 2/3 Contractors should utilise the Premium Bookings service offered by Sonic HealthPlus Phone: 1300 436 463 or email specialised.bookings@sonichealthplus.com.au to ensure that all medicals are reviewed by a Rail Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and that a clearance letter is provided. This clearance letter will need to be emailed to RTIO.railcentraladmin@riotinto.com for data entry.


  • Rio Tinto Rail Safety Awareness (RSA)This online presentation will give participants the basic understanding of Rail Safety and the requirements when entering the Rail Corridor (10m). This is not a Safeworking qualification but an awareness of the risks when working between 3 and 10 meters of the railway. A Safeworking qualification is required to work within 3 meters of track (Module 1 or above).A medical clearance is not required to complete the Rail Safety Awareness course.The Rail Safety Awareness course can be completed through Prospect for Rio Tinto and Cat 1 Contractors and via Scodle for Category 2/3 Contractors   www.rtiocompliance.scodle.com


Upon completion of the course assessment, please print your certificate and email to RTIOCat23@riotinto.com for data entry.

Other specific course pre requisites can be found in each course link.

How long does my course/ticket last for?

Courses are valid for 5 years and you will be prompted to refresh the M1 via scodle when it expires.

What do I need to bring on the day?

You will be required to wear yellow hi vis and safety boots to training.  In addition, other courses may require you to access a practical training area and full PPE will be required.  Your notification will provide you with specific requirements.

You will also need to bring Photo ID on the day of your course.

Will I be issued with a card on the day?

Yes, if you have met the pre-requisites and the evidence is uploaded into SAP you will be issued the card.

If you are missing any evidence, you will need to liaise with Rio Tinto/your employer to complete the process and have the evidence uploaded into SAP.  Once this is completed you can contact us to make arrangements to collect your card at a later time.

Can I get my card reissued?

Yes, cards can be reissued if you misplace or damage it.

Please contact safeworkingtraining@railtrain.com.au should you wish to request a reissue.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy can be viewed here

Can I amend my booking?

Yes you can amend your date or transfer your booking.  Refer to the cancellation policy for details here 

Do you provide some assistance to participants with LLN issues?

Yes, Railtrain will strive to provide you with the appropriate assistance at all stages of the enrolment and course.  Speak to one of our team members to ensure we provide you with the support you need.

What if I fail my course?

The assessors will provide you with assistance on the day to help you with your assessment should you require it.

If you are deemed to be non-competent, you will need to reattend another course at your cost.

Will you collect my personal data?

Yes, we collect your personal data with your enrolment form to allow us to process your booking, paperwork and issue your card.  Your information may be disclosed to authorised parties for the purpose of statistical reporting and resulting your course in the Rio Tinto SAP database.  We will never disclose your information to other parties without your written consent.