Avon? No problem!

We recently spoke with Chris Ainley who wrapped up his first project as a Possession Protection Officer providing support to Arc Infrastructure Mobile Maintenance Team (MMT) in the Avon Valley.

“The most challenging part of the project was the limited services for communications. Phone and radio reception is intermittent in the Avon Vally area and when you have multiple workgroups, paired with live rail traffic, the stakes are high.

One of our most effective, but not as tangible tools, was trust and the safety culture that existed in the team. Arc Infrastructure MMT already has an ingrained and committed approach to effective rail safety and this contributed hugely to implementing a safe system to communicate over multiple workgroups and large distances.”

Not only did this project end incident-free, but photography enthusiast Chris even had a moment to capture some fantastic images of the Valley.

Don’t be afraid to sweep the shed

McDonald Surveys is making great strides in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, as showcased in this image capturing our collaboration with the Rio Tinto rail renewals team.

Our team’s meticulous track cleaning ahead of our Gedo Vorsys truly epitomises the motto “Don’t be afraid to sweep the shed”, and it’s this level of attention to detail that has significantly contributed to enhanced productivity and data quality. It’s moments like these that truly demonstrate our commitment to success in the Pilbara region, where teamwork is at the core of everything we do.

We take pride in our ability to work seamlessly across teams, as seen in this photograph of our crossing team joining forces with our Gedo team; by combining our expertise and leveraging each other’s strengths, we are driving efficiency in rail renewals. Our collaborative efforts not only deliver exceptional results but also foster a supportive and dynamic work environment.

PEMs keep RHG & PTA on track

During our engagement on the longest blockade in Perth Transit Authority (PTA) history, we were able to demonstrate our commitment to innovation through the utilisation of a track and turnouts laying system, known as PEM’s or PEM-LEM.

These PEMs allow for the remote installation of turnouts either by slewing them from an adjacent site or by transporting them on LEMs (motorised transportation trolley) on track from the assembly site to installation site.

This was only the third time in PTA history that this equipment had been used but it was an efficient, safe and necessary piece of equipment to install integral turnout assets for our customer.

RMC Rail Services track and civil support, PTA Network


RMC Rail Services were proud to provide track and civil support leading up to, and throughout, one of the most complex and constrained projects delivered in the PTA network.

The team were faced with challenges at every turn when executing this scope of works, which included:

  • Construction of 2.5km of plain line dual gauge track
  • Installation of 4 dual gauge 1:12 turnouts
  • Installation of 3 narrow gauge 1:12 turnouts

Impressively, the team did not sustain one injury! This achievement is a testament to our rail safety team and our WHS safety culture and awareness, not to mention the projects overall commitment to the works being delivered safely.

“We were so successful in our execution that we finished our scope without injury; that achievement alone is cause for celebration because the journey of how we got there was chaotic at times, challenging, and exhausting. The environment threatened to coerce our plans and objectives to the point of failure, but we planned well, and used our experience and determination to deliver for our client, and that’s exactly what we achieved.” – Marcin Kurpiewski, Construction Manager

Well done to all involved!

Brookton project is a rail siding extension

Late last month, Railtrain Holdings Group along with our construction partners Multiplant Holdings Pty Ltd had the privilege of attending an Acknowledgement of Country and ground-breaking ceremony with our valued client CBH Group at their Brookton facility. This visit marked the commencement of 11 rail siding upgrades across the CBH network. Construction of the project commenced early February and is well underway to successfully completing on time and within budget.

The Brookton project is a rail siding extension which includes the installation of a new turnout and 700m of Flash Butt Welded rail, to connect into Brookton’s existing infrastructure, allowing longer trains to load grain without causing congestion on the main line.

Second Persons’ Training Program in Enfield

Railtrain Holdings Group (RHG) congratulate and welcome our latest Second Persons to the RHG family.

After successful completion of a 5-week paid training program in Enfield, NSW these second persons are now embarking on an exciting new chapter in a live rail environment and bringing their knowledge to life.

Thanks to our valued client Pacific National for their support and RHG’s own Jase Dowsett for another successful school.

Remember to Think Safe + Work Safe = Home Safe.

RMC Rail Services, CBH Group Metro Grain Terminal Yard

RMC Rail Services as part of Railtrain Holdings Group recently completed a project at CBH Group’s Metro Grain Terminal yard at Forrestfield. Scope required the installation of a new drainage system along the existing track and the renewal of formation and track across various sections of the yard during a shutdown period.  This was successfully completed on time and without impacting ongoing operations within the terminal.

Thanks to our contracting partners CATS Corporation (Australia), Triodia Resources, and ALLWORKS WA PTY for helping to complete the project safely and on schedule.

Get in touch for all your rail maintenance and construction requirements.

Appointment of Kris Gordon in the role of Regional Operations Manager, RMC West

Railtrain Holdings Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Kris Gordon in the role of Regional Operations Manager RMC West.

Kris has held senior management positions locally and internationally with several of the country’s tier-one infrastructure Contractors. Kris has worked on some of the State’s largest infrastructure projects in both a Project Controls and Project Management capacity.

Kris brings a wealth of experience in Project Controls and has championed business improvement initiatives at both corporate and project levels. Welcome to the team, Kris.

Congratulations to our Safety Value Award Winners.

Railtrain Group would like to congratulate Rod Soulsby and Mitchell Krestensen on being this month’s Safety Value award winners.

Rod has been recognised by a valued RHG client during the delivery of a road-rail vehicle training course. Rod identified a number of safety concerns during the pre-start inspection and reported these directly to the client. Our client was very appreciative and acknowledged the safety leadership demonstrated to report this.

Mitchell has been recognised for his work during periods of down time between projects. Mitch has taken it upon himself to tidy and improve the housekeeping standards in the Brisbane warehouse and vehicles. The tools and equipment are always well maintained and stored safely for others to use.

RHG thanks you both for your commitment to SAFETY. Keep up the great work!

Night Shift Crews Safely Install Insulated Rail Joints

A simple task may still have complications that can only be managed with experience but RMC Rail Services and RMC Track Protection were up to the task. The night shift crews safely installed insulated rail joints on both existing Mainlines to mark the beginning of their 7-month Evolve Bayswater Alliance Track Works Campaign in preparation for the highly anticipated blockade later this year.

The works will facilitate signalling changes for the new
Bayswater Station (Biraliny) that will connect with the Midland Line,
Forrestfield-Airport Link and Morley-Ellenbrook Line.