Street to Feet – RMC’s Track Protection Fast-Track Program

NewsStreet to Feet – RMC’s Track Protection Fast-Track Program

Congratulations to all our December 2021 graduates for RMC’s Track Protection Fast-Track Program “Street to Feet”. It’s been a proud moment for our team and we believe this has been a great success for RMC, its stakeholders, and the Public Transport Authority (PTA) Network on this collaborative initiative.

RMC Rail Services take a closer look and celebrate the success of Jane Davies’ recent graduation as a Public Transport Authority Accredited Protection Officer level 1 via our Street to Feet program.

Jane is 1 of 8 successful graduates and she has been a pleasure to work with during our Track Protection Fast Track Program.

Jane is a welcome member of our team; she always has been good for a laugh and constantly has a smile on her face. Jane was engaging throughout her training and quickly demonstrated her natural ability to be a great Protection Officer. Jane’s special skills were delivering engaging and fun rail safety briefings and gave a gold star performance for our emergency response scenario training, putting our SMEs to shame!

Congratulations Jane on successfully completing your PTA accredited training and our fast-track program, and now joining the RMC team as a qualified and valued Protection Officer.

Jane has kindly provided us with some feedback on our program by answering our questionnaire on her experience as a candidate for our fast-track program and as an RMC employee.

How did you feel about embarking on the fast-track program and making the switch to the rail safety industry?

I was lucky as I had 15 years’ experience in rail in the UK, however, my experience was with catering and being a Train Manager. Embarking on the Fast Track program provided me with new qualifications, a new skill set. It opened my eyes to the dangers of being on track and just how important it is to use the skills and Knowledge gained by the fast-track program.

What did you enjoy about the fast-track program?  

I enjoyed the skills and knowledge that were taught to us by some really good trainers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere we were in. Mostly I have enjoyed the group I was in. We supported each other during good  and hard times and  continue to do so on a daily basis. It is also comforting to know that if we have a problem or need advice, we have support from the RMC team.

What didn’t you enjoy about the fast-track program?

To be honest I did not like the assessments and exams, however that is the nature of the job  unfortunately, and for me to succeed it is a requirement. At the best of times, I do not like being filmed or having my photo taken but to gain the qualifications required we needed to film our progress for it to go into our portfolio. Please do not let this put you off. Craig and Sean at times would do it discreetly so you were not really aware.

Did you feel supported throughout the fast-track program?

Yes, I certainly did, not only by our trainers, managers, and people we met throughout the training but mostly by the group I was lucky to train with. it was always mentioned that if you have a problem pick up the phone if you have a concern or a question pick up the phone. They certainly provided all the support and if they were unable to do so they would certainly find someone who could.

Did you feel the training content, structure and activities were valuable and easy to understand?

I do feel that if you are new to the industry then doing this program really will give you valuable insight into the rail industry. The program has been designed with that in mind. We spent a lot of time out in the field going to different stations, entering the rail corridor, and experiencing the dangers that we would come across on a daily basis, I do feel as we had a big group that at times there could be a bit of waiting around.  I feel that the groups could be a little smaller and larger group could be split e.g. ( one group heads out into the rail corridor and the other group could do theory)

Did you feel prepared for your PTA accredited training?

Yes, I think we all felt prepared for our accredited training, we certainly went into it with a lot of knowledge and understanding and a few tools under our belt.

Did you feel prepared when you joined the workforce in the capacity of an accredited Protection Officer?

I think the only bit of feedback I have is that it would be a good experience if once you have completed the accredited training that RMC has a buddy system where you will spend a week or two with a PO and shadow them and see exactly what it is like in the real world.  This is a good way to ease you into the position and provide you with the confidence you need.

How would you describe RMC’s culture and approach toward rail safety?

There is no doubt that RMC takes rail safety very seriously. Work Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything that they do. One of their Values is Safety, and the philosophy is to Think Safe + Work Safe equals Home Safe. RMC is also a company that is concerned about the health of their workforce both physically and mentally providing mental health first aiders within the company and encouraging you to speak up.

What would be your advice to anyone thinking of joining the rail safety industry?

My advice to anyone wanting to join is to go for it. There are so many opportunities within the rail industry and once you get your foot through the door it is a career for life.  Don’t get me wrong at times there is a lot of hard work, and it certainly is an industry that is very Health and Safety focused and has plenty of rules and procedures but once you get your head around that you will be fine.

Is there anything you would like to add about your experience training and working with RMC?

My experience has been a good one, I have learnt so much and certainly gained a new skill set. This programme is a good steppingstone into the rail industry, and you are completing your training and working with a company that has a good reputation within the Rail Industry. Finally, you are entering into a company that really provides support and really believes in its values