Avon? No problem!

NewsAvon? No problem!

We recently spoke with Chris Ainley who wrapped up his first project as a Possession Protection Officer providing support to Arc Infrastructure Mobile Maintenance Team (MMT) in the Avon Valley.

“The most challenging part of the project was the limited services for communications. Phone and radio reception is intermittent in the Avon Vally area and when you have multiple workgroups, paired with live rail traffic, the stakes are high.

One of our most effective, but not as tangible tools, was trust and the safety culture that existed in the team. Arc Infrastructure MMT already has an ingrained and committed approach to effective rail safety and this contributed hugely to implementing a safe system to communicate over multiple workgroups and large distances.”

Not only did this project end incident-free, but photography enthusiast Chris even had a moment to capture some fantastic images of the Valley.