RMC Rail Services track and civil support, PTA Network

NewsRMC Rail Services track and civil support, PTA Network


RMC Rail Services were proud to provide track and civil support leading up to, and throughout, one of the most complex and constrained projects delivered in the PTA network.

The team were faced with challenges at every turn when executing this scope of works, which included:

  • Construction of 2.5km of plain line dual gauge track
  • Installation of 4 dual gauge 1:12 turnouts
  • Installation of 3 narrow gauge 1:12 turnouts

Impressively, the team did not sustain one injury! This achievement is a testament to our rail safety team and our WHS safety culture and awareness, not to mention the projects overall commitment to the works being delivered safely.

“We were so successful in our execution that we finished our scope without injury; that achievement alone is cause for celebration because the journey of how we got there was chaotic at times, challenging, and exhausting. The environment threatened to coerce our plans and objectives to the point of failure, but we planned well, and used our experience and determination to deliver for our client, and that’s exactly what we achieved.” – Marcin Kurpiewski, Construction Manager

Well done to all involved!