TLI37122 Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure

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This is a general course and qualification for a person engaged in the rail infrastructure who has had experience in basic rail construction and maintenance operations and who is ready to become qualified for higher level tasks such as welding, track examination and repair.

Job roles and titles vary across different organizations and sectors. Railtrain offers this qualification aligned to the following defined roles:

  • Senior track maintainer
  • Ganger
  • Senior track installer
  • Ganger
  • Specialist track installer
  • Special ganger
  • Track welder
  • Track examiner

Course Duration: On enquiry (unit selections affect course duration)

Course Location: Railtrain Venue or the Workplace

Pre-requisites: The entry requirement for this qualification is TLI21311 or TLI21315 Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure (Track Work), and Category Rail 1 Medical Assessment.

Course Enquiries:

This qualification may be undertaken as a traineeship

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TLI37122 Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure