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Workforce Services – Operations

Over the past 5 years, Railtrain has become the market leaders in the supply of labour solutions for Rail Operations.

As Australia’s largest labour provider of Train Crew, Railtrain has been at the forefront of the industry in the development of bespoke service offerings allowing our clients to maximise labour utilisation and efficiency through embedded flexible workforces.

With Internal RTO Capacity, Railtrain is able to work alongside clients to understand workforce requirements and tailor development programs in order to build workforce capability from the ground up.

In recent years Railtrain has developed client solutions including Driver Assistant and Second Person development supplementing train crew in the Hunter allowing Rail Operators to extract maximum value from Fully Qualified Personnel.

With dedicated focus on the Rail Industry, we are able to devote our time to understanding client pain points and developing sustainable, cost effective solutions to cost and productivity improvements.

Railtrain are industry experts in rail recruitment and we have the reputation of being able to find the right people with the required skills and experience. We seek to attract and retain the very best people in the industry producing results which exceed our client’s expectations.

Railtrain specialise in the provision of workforce solutions including 

  • Train Drivers
  • Shunters
  • Driver Assistants (DA)
  • Rollingstock Examiners
  • Provisioning Support
  • Terminal Services Support

Resourcing and mobilising high quality, specialised rail workforces to meet client project plans in short lead times has established Railtrain as the labour partner of choice for Australia’s Rail Operators.

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