RMC Track & Civil

RMC Rail is a division of Railtrain that provides track maintenance and construction teams in order to deliver a wide range of services across Australia. RMC has established depots in Western Australia and Central Queensland in order to provide the highest quality service to our key clients in Mining, Resources and Intermodal Freight business.

As a new entrant into Rail Infrastructure Market, RMC Rail has quickly forged a reputation based on Quality, Capability and On Time Delivery

Full Turnkey Project Development and Delivery

  • With Strategic partnerships in Design, Civil Construction and Signalling Disciplines RMC Rail is capable of supporting full turnkey Project Development and Delivery
  • Backed by a strong understanding of above rail operations and functionality, regulatory requirements and delivery capability

Asset Management, Inspection and Maintenance of Private Sidings, Yards and Terminals 

  • RMC Rail currently has a number of specialist teams Australia Wide conducting Inspections and Yard Maintenance tasks in Yards, Terminals and Private Sidings
  • With an understanding of the importance of minimising freight disruption, works are executed quickly with a strong focus on Asset Integrity and minimising Asset down time
  • When things go wrong, we recognise the importance of resuming Operations quickly clients are supported with 24 hour 7 days a week emergency response teams

Track Renewals

  • RMC Rail recognise that in Track Closures, delays can
    mean millions to our clients
  • With attention to detail and highly skilled supervision RMC Rail supply specialist teams to work either stand-alone or alongside our client’s workforces to ensure high quality, on time delivery
  • Rail Replacement, Turnout Refurbishment and Replacement, Culvert Renewals and Bridge Rollouts.

Specialist Rail Services (Stacker / Reclaimer Rail)

  • As Track Renewal specialists, RMC has applied the same skills and detailed planning to the execution of Rail Replacement, Repairs and Upgrades on Stacker / Reclaimer Rail throughout the Pilbara (WA) and Bowen Basin (Central QLD).

Level Crossing  Renewal Specialists 

  • RMC Rail is proud to partner with Key Source Rail as the preferred delivery provider for Rosehill Level Crossings
  • Rosehill Crossings are solid rubber panel which is used across a variety of gauges and applications. Rosehill supply the product of choice for a wide range of global rail infrastructure companies and operators including Network Rail, SNCF and other rail networks throughout Europe, Asia and New Zealand.


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