Think Safe + Work Safe = Home Safe

Our CompanyOH & SThink Safe + Work Safe = Home Safe

Safety at work is not something that just happens. It requires a personal commitment to work in a safe manner and look after your own and your work mate’s safety. Railtrain expects all of their employees to commit to working safely and working with each other, Railtrain and the client to achieve a safe workplace for everyone.

Management Role in the Workplace:

  • Safety is driven from the top level down;
  • Personal commitment to follow up any safety concerns employees identify;
  • The day to day management of health and safety issues;
  • Identifying and controlling hazards prior to being mobilised onsite;
  • Promoting safety awareness and encouraging employee communication and consultation.

Your Role in the Workplace:

  • NEVER undertake any job that you believe is unsafe;
  • Take care of your own safety and the safety of others;
  • Never act in a way that may place yourself or others at risk;
  • Adhere to all the relevant safety procedures and practises;
  • Report any near misses, incidents, accidents and injuries;
  • Wear the correct personal protective equipment at all times.

Railtrain trusts that all of you will join us in a personal commitment to make safety a way of life.