Street to Feet – Track Protection Fast Track Program

NewsStreet to Feet – Track Protection Fast Track Program

RMC and Railtrain were pleased to welcome ten new to the industry Track Protection Officer learners to our ‘Street to Feet’ Track Protection Fast Track Program.

Our fast-track program is designed to support local rail networks with new to industry Protection Officers quickly and safely to address the shortage of skilled labour in the rail industry. Employees will be trained to achieve the much-needed skill sets to be effective when performing the safety critical role of a Protection Officer.

By harnessing RMC’s extensive track protection experience in WA’s rail networks and utilising our RTO services, we have been able to design a fast-track program that is contextualised for local rail networks and further underpinned by nationally recognised training.

The program is employee focused, providing support, coaching, and mentoring throughout and highly considerate of those that are making a leap into a new industry.

Training consists of critical field-based scenarios as well as classroom-based coaching and assessments facilitated by our own trainers, assessors, and subject matter experts.

Candidates that complete this program are comprehensively and holistically prepared to perform a safety critical role, ready to support our expanding infrastructure safely as WA rail networks embark on a multitude of complex and exciting new projects.